Saturday, May 17, 2008

Work = Fun!

Today is my tenth day at office! Though it’s a different matter that I’m not at work today… :)

Anyways, I’m still having fun at work. Some things piss me off a lot, but I’ve learnt to keep my anger in check. I’ve bottled it up and yeah, I know that’s bad. But I’m confident of controlling myself…hmm, somewhat.

Rakesh, Kavita and Sundeep had not come to work on Friday, so the room was kinda empty. But hey, a new guy joined us!

Richy is a tall, dark and handsome guy from Banglore. He looks very promising, let’s see. Dirty minds, stop thinking, I’m already engaged! :D

Manas used to sit with the team, but now he’s shifted to a cabin of his own. He was toh maha happy and so were we! :)

The senior sub-editor, Serious Sarita and I share a common friend, Aruna. We talked about her and then used the cliché “it’s a small world!”

Whenever I joke wid Sarita, I have to clarify that it’s a joke lest she get pissed.

Paresh and I have a common Prof. He’s the most loved Prof. we ever had. Oi BMM students, remember how we used to mimic him??? Hee, hee!

Great News!

Amey’s in town and we went out for lunch! (Yipeeeeeeee!!!) It was great fun. He even met some of my colleagues – Mohan, Sanjay, Uttam, Sachin, Hemant and all.

The second day he met Anjali and Nishan (NC). NC was puffing away like a steam engine – smoking is injurious to health NC :)

Right now there’s a little green worm sitting next to me on the sofa! Cho chweet! Ouch, my Mom just came and threw it out. :(

She’s got me some coffee coz I have bad headache. She’s as chweet as the worm!

I’ve been puking a lot these days besides my constant headaches and nightmares. Eeks! And I have no idea why! My Aunt has told me to drink buttermilk (double eeks!) and eat an apple first thing in the morning.

Hmm, I may have to go to the Doc soon :(

Yet Beautiful and Proud she stood, as Born to Rule the Storm

The line is from the poem Casabianca. We learnt this in school and I still remember most of the lines. I just substituted the original “He” for “she”.

The headline of this post refers to an old lady I met at Dadar station. (14th May, 2008 at 7.30 PM).

She was old, really old. She walked with a stoop, but her head was held as high as possible. Supporting her was a small and cute boy (probably her grandson). He was only about 6 years old, but he guided and supported her well.

She wanted to go to Kalyan in a fast train, so two girls told her to go by the 7.47 PM Dadar-Kalyan. The lady couldn’t understand how to reach the other platform, so I took her.

Hell, even I get lost at Dadar station, so how can I expect an old lady to reach there alone? And would she get there in time? Anyways, I offered to carry her bags, but she looked at me and shook her head.

What eyes she had! My God, they were beautiful, green eyes. Eyes that had seen the happiness and grief of life. The wisdom reflected in those eyes was as deep as the sea. Even now those eyes haunt me.

She was really proud and independent, but I took a bag anyways.

When we got to the platform, the damn train was about to leave, so we got into a general compartment. She immediately sat near the door.

We ultimately went to the ladies compartment. This time the kid took one bag. When I asked him for it, he smiled at me and shook his head. Like Granny like Grandson! :D

It was great to meet her. I’ll always remember her and the little boy. They were vulnerable and defenceless, but that didn’t stop them from being independent and proud of their identity.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sleepy chatter-box :)

Ok, I agree my previous two posts were weird. The thing is, I’m wrapped up in my own thoughts. I’ve started talking in my sleep and that’s making me nervous.

I always walk and talk in my sleep when I’m extremely stressed out.

What’s freaking me out is that I have no reason to feel stressed at all. Since I’m new, I’m given very little work, and even the freelancing thing is coming on very well.

I’m clueless and that irks me coz I’m usually very sure about my feelings. I analyse my behaviour on a day-to-day basis…and I hate not knowing something about myself…sheesh!

Happy Mothers Day???

This must be the first time I haven’t gifted my Mom anything. Giving her a gift is a pain, coz she rarely appreciates anything. I anyways take a shot at it every time, and try to gift her her heart’s desire.

It doesn’t matter what you do, it is never appreciated. But I still haven’t given up. I begin plans for the next birthday soon as one birthday has gone by.

She is the only person in my life I love unconditionally. I expect nothing, absolutely nothing. I don’t even expect a smile or a kind word from her.

It really hurts when someone you love so much doesn’t even bother to ask about you when you’re sick, but then life’s like that. It’s not possible to please everybody. And you definitely can’t expect love from somebody, especially when it is directed towards somebody else.

I’m used to stuff like that, thanks to my Mom.

Anyways, I was wondering about what to give her from my first salary…saaris, diamonds, gold, white gold, copper, silver, make-up sets, salwaar kurtas, pearls, books and stuff like that is done. The choice seems to be limited when it comes to choosing a gift for her…

At the same time I’m also wondering about what I’ll say when she sees my gift and says, “Why did you buy such an expensive gift for me?”

Er…I love you Mom, that’s why? (hell, she hates any show of affection).

I usually say sarcastically, “I give you such stuff coz I like wasting money on people I dislike.” Lol, this one works best! :D

Then after exclaiming over the price of the damn gift, she usually says, “Anyway you dislike/hate me. You never do anything to help me. What’s the big deal if you buy such gifts, you should help me more. I will die soon…”

And then guys, I’m well and truly stumped.

Clouds in the sky have started reflecting my Life

The sky was cloudy when I was returning home this evening. I ALWAYS sit at the window seat in the bus, and today was not an exception.

I saw all kinds of shapes – elephants, turtles, dinosaurs, eagles and one creature with three claws (dangerous)! Amongst all of them, I saw the shape of a tiny little fish.

The little fish was unnoticed among all the bigger shapes, but it was so small and vulnerable looking that I was instantly attracted.

The poor fish was ignored by all the other creatures. They all forgot that even the fish has feelings, emotions and is not merely around to bait or laugh at. The bait was to ask the fish to bite the food with the hook and sometimes to bite food that wasn’t food at all. Sometimes, the other creatures encouraged it to eat stale leftovers that weren’t of any use to them.

The little fish who was always jeered at, did all this and much more, but yet all its efforts were ignored.

However, they should remember that even fish have teeth and these teeth in fact sharpen themselves on the powerful steel hooks that hurt the fish’s mouth.

I’m sure, that one day, no matter how much blood, sweat and toil it takes, the little fish I’m sure will be given due respect. But by that time, it’ll be too late coz the swift and nimble fish will be caught by the bait and will be long dead.

It sounds like a Japanese fairy tale, but it's not.

Moral – Those who understood the story are abnormal and those who haven’t, are just plain dumb. :D

Monday, May 12, 2008

My Job Rocks!!!

My job, my office the people working there, the facilities, the pagaar…EVERYTHING rocks!!!

I liked all the people there who are now my colleagues (ah, what joy to finally use that word!). Let’s see…there’s Sarita, Kavita (nope, they’re not sisters), Paresh, Sundeep, Nishan, Mohan and Rakesh the Reserved. :)

They’re all nice and helpful…well, so far.

The Big Boss’s name is Manas…he’s also nice. He loves punctuality, following code of ethics and planning well in advance for every little thing. In short, he’s everything I’m not, but would like to be. :)

On the second day, another fresher n I were ragged. We were asked to introduce ourselves and sing a song.

I aksed for the option of whistling to Anjali’s (the fresher) song, but that registered as an invalid request. So I sang.

Trust me to choose a song I sing like I’m dying slowly or something – Din Dhal Jaye. I just sang (can this word be used for what I did?) two lines n then stopped. Everyone actually clapped. Maybe the price of tomatoes has risen again…

Anjali sang Hum Bewafaa (very sweetly I must say, although anyone singing after me would sound like Lata Mangeshkar)…she sang….and sang….and sang……………………till she was asked to stop! :D

Anyways, I want this happy work life of mine to continue…at least or 1 more week; I know sadness or troubles will follow soon, but find someone who cares for a change!

P.S -- I submitted my first script for a comic book, and they praised it!!! Yippee!!!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I got a job, I got a job, I got a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s true! I finally bagged a job! And they’re not only paying me more than my expectations but are also have a good reputation. Plus, I’m insured and all that!!!

My first full-time job!!! Yippeee! Work begins from tomorrow – 7th May, 2008, a solemn day indeed.

Besides that, I have a friend called Manisha who’s giving me some freelancing work every now and then. Well, her now and then is like anytime she wants and that too giving me just a couple of hours to finish the work! Lol, just kiddin, keep your hair on, M!

I’ve got another job – freelance scriptwriting! It’s really cool. I gotta write educational scripts kids’ movies. Text book chapters are converted into films and comic books. Right now I’ve been given a chapter “Heat”. The plot has to be submitted tomorrow and I don’t know what I’m going to submit!!! Hell, this is the first time I’m trying my hand and not to mention brain at writing comics…m gonna be screwed! And that too royally!

My work timings are 9AM to 5.30 AM. I’ll reach home by 7.30PM. Then I have to submit two comics per week and that load will increase later on…sheesh! (But think abt the money :D)

My full-time job Boss and Manisha both have seen my blog. In fact that’s how I landed up freelancing for her. So blogs do have monetary value… :)

Anyways, I’ve got my plate full and even my head full of swirling ideas, and no idea how to manage it all. Life is beautiful! :D

P.S – Preets, I hope this post has answered your question! I’ll definitely keep in touch!