Monday, October 15, 2007

More blasts, more innocent lives lost, …lay off you creeps!

Blast in a theatre in Ludhiana, 6 (or more now) dead and 20 injured. One more terror attack to screw up Eid celebrations. There was ‘tight’ security in the place actually…

I thought watching so many blasts in my country on the telly would leave me feeling insensitive. But no, I still feel the same amount of sorrow and anger.

Is brain washing such a great technique that you start blasting your fellow men into little bits and pieces without a care? Don’t terrorists have any kind of conscience? I mean, they’re humans, right? Or animals? But the even brutes have emotions…and they only kill to eat, not for sport or any other crappy idea.

Gosh, I don’t know what we are going to do…soon the government will say we shouldn’t go out during festival days. I thought India was settling down into peacefulness, but I obviously getting complacent.

Besides terror attacks, we have to deal with crimes within our own country – rapes, murders, looting, road rage, infanticide to name a few.

These are times when our country needs courageous people to step forward and help during a crisis situation. I hope crooks in India understand this and instead of using their contacts to find out whom to kidnap, they can start looking out for suspicious people.

Fat chance.

But at least there’s a chance.

Where there is hope, there is life…
India Loses the Future Cup…

Ok, so India lost the Future Cup series. Big deal. We can still beat the Aussies later. (Am I being too optimistic?)

Anyway, I think the sixth ODI was a very good match. I think Uthappa should have been sent in earlier though. Ditto with Dhoni. Never mind, we’ll learn from our mistakes.

As for SreeSanth – he’s simply fabulous. I love to see his antics irritating the cool Aussies. SS is Entertainment Unlimited in his passion. But we still haven’t got a killer instinct. Show the aggression with words, but don’t forget the deeds!

Symonds lashed out at us during a press conference and Dhoni wasn’t low to reply. I don’t think we should really blame Symonds too much…he faced a lot of racism and all. He threw out an open challenge and we should take it up and show them the stuff Indians are made of.

Atithidevobhav (Is the spelling right?) but not when the atithi misbehaves…then its payback time!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Well, I’m back again after a long, long time. No, I wasn’t on a vacation. The plain fact was I was ill. Nothing damn serious, but the thing is I didn’t even know what I was suffering from all this time. I’ve been ill since the past one and a half years…

Anyways, enough about my health…the main thing is I’m going to get well real soon.

I don’t really want to talk about all that happened in my life all this time.


Finished making a short, albeit terrible, film.

Fell ill.

Change of work place…I joined a big media company and have taken leave to get well soon.

Cooked a lot.

Mom retired, took a holiday and during those four days (just before my exams), I had to cook again.

Hardly attended college …teachers were mad at me till I told them the reason.

Dad admitted to the hospital for one-and a half days. Now he’s ok.

This is for BMM students:

I will be posting some notes for you guys. Not all, coz some of them will be too time-consuming to type. Those you can collect from me any old time.

Or maybe I'll start a blog exclusively for students...let's see. But I'll need help from my fellow mates and friends.