Sunday, October 11, 2009

The great retreat

My Uncle recently got a plot in Karjat...that seems to be in vogue right now - buying plots and then building a weekend home there. It sure sounds fun the way my Uncle talks about it.

My uncle's plot is nestled among several others, which are surrounded by beautiful green woods. A little stream goes running by this land, meandering its way through large, intimidating rocks. One can usually find my Uncle, Aunt, their two kids and two other kids (labradors) sitting on the rocks and splashing around in the water.

My Uncle's got big plans for the plot. He and his elder brother (Big Uncle) plan to erect a wind vane (the prototype's already whirring away on their land), windmill (will be ready soon), a tree house (how Enid Blytonish!!!) and shed. They plan to live in a container rather than build a house...reminds you of Enid Blyton's Famous Five, Five Find-Outers or Secret Seven stories, right? Well, considering he's been brought up on those books, I guess he's just fulfilling his childhood dreams. And how cool they are! I wonder how many years would pass by before I could fulfil my dreams...

The kids love it and the dogs simply go wild at Karjat. You get your space there and not to mention quiet. The human mind is such that it needs open spaces to run free...only then one can be at peace. Its seems like an ideal retreat for our minds cramped in flats and offices.

I haven't been there yet...excuse: office. Will go there next weekend if my Uncle's free.

Someone's bursting crackers - ouch! That one startled me! I HATE fireworks, especially the noisy ones. Gosh, now they're bursting two-three together...sounds like atom bombs, the bloody fools. I thought such high-decibel ones have been banned...crap, there they go again. I'm getting a headache now :x

Anyway, I shall now attempt to sleep amid all the 'celebrations'. I thought Diwali meant festival of light, where the heck did all the sound come in from?

Lovely weekend!

Its seems years since I've had such a great weekend...the last time I remember having fun was when I....I...see, I just can't remember!

Ever since I joined work I've been so involved that I just couldn't keep off it...even at home I used to think about office and talk about it. How irritating I must have been! But not anymore...I've decided to turn over a new leaf. Now I plan to bar everthing related to my office from my doors...I won't even think about people, nice though they may be.

Anyway, I always. My I had a nice Saturday. First of all, my parents bought a Maruti Ritz - a cute n unique car. And my Uncle wanted to gift her a music system so we all drove down to his place (the driver was a pain though, he came late n kept chewing on paan like a cow). Another reason to celebrate was my young cousin Sudip's birthday. A few of his friends came, made lots of noise, played Dragonball Z (awful graphics and highly colourful) ate pasta and went. After the kids left my Uncle's family n my Mum, Amey and I went out to eat...and drink of course :D

We returned home well past midnight. Dad wasn't so pleased, but it was the car's first night out na! :)

Woke up late on Sunday and lazed around, which is one of my favourite things to do. Surprise, surprise, the love of my life cooked butter chicken for me...I think he's a better cook than I am and he should take up the kitchen work in our later years :D

Now I'm listening to some lovely music and just about to me tender love me sweet...a perfect end to a perfect day! :)

'Night all!

Friday, October 02, 2009

A working holiday

Gandhiji was such a hard worker that I'm sure he would apprectiate the way I plan to spend my day. We're bringing out a special issue this month, so I have to work today as holiday for me. Sigh, in one fit of madness I name my blog 'Life is beautiful' and now this happens :)

Anyway, I actually have lots of topics to dicuss but no time right now. I always seem to be making excuses, don't I? But there's nothing I can do about it. I guess I'll post something later on today. Right now I need to edit some articles...ciao!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Completely knackered

Thanks to Omi, Paresh, Sanket, Sudha and the Little Voice Inside me (no I'm not mad, referring to my conscience) - I'm back! And guess what, I'm here to stay! Now, now, don't be so skeptical and critical...I know I've said this before and never stuck to my word, but this time I will...really. Just wait n watch.

Anyway, like my post declares, I'm truly well knackered right now, so I'll beging posting from tomorrow onwards. Arre, really!!!

Feels nice to be back...for like, the tenth time! :)