Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I wasn’t feeling great, so I didn’t go to college yesterday. But I got to hear about one really interesting episode from my friend.

Our lecture was scheduled for 2.00 PM, but only 5 students had turned up. Prof told the class that if by 2.30 PM no more students would come, the lecture would be cancelled. So obviously, everybody decided not to go to class. One highly intelligent and sweet girl went to our Prof, called her to the class and then sneaked that our L.R (Ladies Representative) had asked us all to go home. Everybody was stunned. I mean, who else except the dirtiest, lowest and meanest of all humans would do such a thing??? And this is not the first time its happening. Why the hell would anybody want to sneak like lil’ kiddo? C’mon guys, behave like grown ups and stop being so spiteful. I was surprised that our L.R didn’t fight back...one guy was really pissed off and he got into an argument with this tell-tale. She’s such a psycho that nothin could ever penetrate that lump of straw she calls her brain (she thinks she very intelligent). I believe in karma and I’m sure she’ll get her comeuppance!

I received one more salary check yesterday! Hurray!

Sudha is coming over to my place today. We’re going to watch “Friends” and then make arrangements for our mutual friend Nandini’s birthday. We decided to contribute money and give her a cool party complete with food and decors. There are a certain highly selfish people who are hesitating to give money. One female is saying that she won’t be able to make it to the party, while one guy said that he forgot his wallet today. What an absurd lie! Sudha and I got really pissed off but what are we supposed do? To hell with those “*&@#%@#”!!!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

I had plenty of fun yesterday. Let me tell you guys about Nandini. She’s a great friend of ours. She’s temporarily lost her eyesight due to unknown reasons. She used to work hard and study well. In her college she used to organize events and stuff. It’s awful that such an active girl should lose her sight for almost a year. Medication is going on...

Anyway, we went to visit her yesterday. I’m really happy we did, coz we made her laugh a lot. Her birthday is on 20th December, and we’re planning a small surprise party for her.

After that, Sudha and I went to our other friends birthday party. Actually, four people Disha, Sheetal, Yash, Amruta (she didn’t turn up) and Pri gave the party at Sweetu’s house. The people working at call centres were very sleepy and all the guys were sleepy because they had stayed up late the previous night (for very different and censored reasons). I left for home at 8.30 PM and got stuck for two hours in traffic! I’m having the worst luck ever with road transport. I ought to have gone home by train. My parents were frantic with worry (although I don’t understand why...I’ve been later than this plenty of times before).

The worst part is, now I’ve got a full-fledged cold. I had slight fever yesterday...but it was only slight.

Ciao for now!!! Will update soon.

P.S – Yash and I had a talk about our common favourite movie, Top Gun. Nice talkie-talk, Yash!

Friday, December 15, 2006

I've been having the worst luck since the past two days. The interview I had to take kept on getting delayed due to unforseen circumstances.
I had to submit a form in Walada for a Fellowship. The submission was hell. Somebody in the office informed me that I had to go to Bhyander (that's quite a distance). Thankfully I was told I had the alternative of Wadala. My friend Vikas, who is also applying for the research, and I went to Dadar East and caught a cab from there. We landed up in Lower Parel and gotcharged 50 bucks for that!!! Vikas who had warned me against cabs kept bugging me by saying "I told you so!" From Parel we walked to Worli Naka to catch a bus to Wadala. Alas! The office timings were only till six and we reached Worli Naka at 6.30 PM. So we were asked to come the next day and submit the form. Oh, well.
The next day (Thursday) was Bharat Bandh (Bharat was working well). I left home early to interview the hockey player, came rushin home and emailed the article and then caught a direct bus from my place to Wadala. The rickshaw's I took over charged me and took me round and round the mulberry bush.
Today, I had a boring sorta day. I took my Gran for a blood test. Her sugar is a little high. But its getting lower and lower. I'm not feeling well myself. Got a touch of fever and a cold threatens to catch me. It's because of pollution and the fact that my dear Bro puts on AC all night.
Well, my Dad wants to sleep now....Goodnight!!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sorry about my absence guys. Ever since my granny's come I haven't been going online. We have lotta fun together. Sorry about the typos in my last post...I was almost asleep at that time.

Ok, now I'm ready to reveal the places I visited with Vikas. We went walking all the way around Marine Drive (that's the Arabian Sea, Roshan!) and reached Chowpatti. That particular day, we first went to VT, then to Marine Drive then to Chowpatti, then Mahalaxmi, back to VT and then finally to college. We were taking pictures for our photography assignment. We were supposed to take 20 pics and submit it.

We had our college fest today. Rajeev Khandelwal (better known as Sujal) came to our college. All the girls were drooling over him and the guys supressed their excitement by acting as if they didn't care about him. I don't bother about celebs...but I did try to get a pic for this blog. I'll have to ask my friend Yash for a good pic. He went very close to him and almost blinded him with the camera's flash!

I participated in the Photography competition, but didn’t bag a prize. Never mind, there will be many more fests and many more competitions...

Sanket has got his bike!!!
My friend Sanket has got a bike, Pulsar 180 with his own hard-earned money. What's so great about it is the fact that he's going to lemme ride it! Hurray!!! Yipee!!!
He has asked me to take pics of him but I haven't got the time to go to his place. Sorry, Sanket...but I'll be there soon!

For all those who have wished my Nani get well soon, Thank You (on behalf on my Nani)!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

My granny's come today!!! I'm very verrryyyyy happy!!! So my post is only going to be full ejaculations. My immediate senior at the newspaper I work is back from leave. That's cool too coz she's nice.

Btw, today I walked several kilometres along the sea. It was fun, but my friend got foot sore. I felt a little weak coz I hadn't eaten anything since morning (I left home at 6.30 AM).

It was a good day.

Anyways, that's all for now. I'll update tomorrow.

P.S-- Arre haan, tomorowwe were supposed to have a test in Media Research, but it got cancelled. Yet, we have a lecture on Film Shooting. Yuck!!! I thought I could go to the library. I'm also thinking of interviewing a National level hockey player. Let's hope that works out fine!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Quite a bad day. Actually, not really. But the work I had to do went all wrong. Will tell you about that later. We (Vikas, Sudha and I) went to a lot of places. We caught a bus and went to its last stop just for the heck of it. I got burgers from McD’s fro my Mom, Dad and my Bro. Well, as my luck would have it, my Dad had just brushed his teeth (he never eats anything after this routine) and my bro has just decided to stop eating fatty food. So only my Mom enjoyed my unexpected treat.

Sweetu called up from his office to tell me that they were holding a book and CD’s sale. Since he knows I’m fond of reading, he thought he could he could pick up some stuff for me. I landed up buying the entire Season 8 of F.R.I.E.N.D.S !!! I don’t really have that much cash right now, but Sweetu insisted, so how could Sweetie (I) resist???

I came back home at 10 PM. I now gotta log off and begin writing an article.

Monday, December 04, 2006

We all had an AWESOME time at Vikesh’s place!!! He had called us at 8.30 AM, so that we could all have fun and then go for the lecture. Most unfortunately, we didn’t sit for the lecture. We were having toooooo much fun!!! At first we played spin the bottle. Our ingenious minds, made up all kinds of stuff for the victim to do. One very bold actually pecked one guy on the cheek! Many hoots and catcalls were heard at that moment. Thank God I had the simple job of shaking a leg. But that also seemed difficult to do in front of my classmates’ watchful eyes. Then we played a game from the reality show, “Big Boss”. Each one had to tell us two truths and one lie about themselves. People listening had to catch the person’s lie. Then we had a delicious lunch (ordered from a hotel). After that some of us watched TV, listened to the radio and some lay down. Vikesh is a good Tarot card reader (we gifted it to him this birthday!). We all queued up to ask him personal questions regarding our future. None of the questions remained personal, since everybody listened to other’s reading. Anyway, we had a blast at his house. Going home was a drag after being with all my dear friends. Well, one friend, Deeps, couldn’t come. We missed ya!

I had a good day today. We had a lecture today, but it was held late. Anyway, I need to begin organizing for the event which will be held soon. Let’s hope that things work out well. One friend of mine and I decided to go for “The Departed” together soon. We’ll be trying out a place where you get couple seats and blankets (the AC temperature will be 8 or 9 degrees.). We’re not a couple, just two friends wanting to check out this place.

My` granny will probably be here by Wednesday. Hurray!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Good Day!

My day began badly coz I woke up at 8.30 AM. I felt better after having a shower, and even better when I left for college at around 10.30 AM. Yesterday I had predicted that my lectures would get cancelled. Well, I turned out to be partially correct. The first lecture, TV, was held, while Radio was cancelled. My friend Vikas and I had a lovely time this evening. We went to a certain place and had lots of fun. And no, it wasn’t a date! I’ll reveal details of what I did today later.

Good News!!! Tomorrow me and my pals are going to get together at Vikesh’s (good friend of mine) place. I bet we’ll have a BLAST there!

Bad News – My gran has got one more problem...high cholesterol.

Great News!!! My granny is coming to stay with us. At least she won’t be alone and lonely like the Solitary Reaper. And she won’t have to cook food for herself...

Good News – I’m going to ignore my friend Sanket Kambli’s warning and tell you this. I got one more cheque for Rs. 4000 today!


Friday, December 01, 2006

A riddling riddle for you guys...I got this in an sms. People who already know,please don't guess!!!

I'm a seven letter word and you can eat me.

123 is a vehicle.

2345 is a pop group.

456 is a piece of luggage.

567 changes every year.

I logically deduced the answer within 30 seconds!!! Let's see if you people can solve this...kindly give the answer in the "COMMENT" section. People who cannot find the answer, please comment "pass" or "I give up".

I'll give the answer later. Much, much later!
Our lectures got cancelled on Thursday coz of the riots in Mumbai. Apparently, somebody put a garland of shoes around Dr.Amebdkar's statue. Moreover, four dalits (they are considered to be low caste people) were murdered in Nagpur. These two incidents sparked off riots all over Maharashtra. I was grateful for the holiday (it gave me time to finish my article) but I didn't like the cause of it. A shade too violent for me. Why the hell can't people live in peace???

Anyway,I'm kinda happy today. I got a cheque for Rs.2000 from a multi-level marketing company I work for. Four grand more is due to me. Guess I'll get it by next week. Yipeee!!!

I paid a lotta attention to the lecture today (Media Research) coz I'm soon going to enter in for a Fellowship Research. If I get through the personal interviews, I get a cool 12 grand. It doesn't really matter if I lose, coz I just want to try my hand at intensive research. I don't care about no money (lol). Tomorrow I'll be going to get the application forms.

Tomorrow I have two lectures, radio and TV. But something tells me they'll get cancelled. Well, I've bin wrong before...

I also have to complete a photography assignment. Gotta click 20 pics under 1 theme.

That's all for now!