Monday, April 28, 2008

More people with Jobs!

Kalpi bagged a job with a PR firm as did Pri. Both have got good jobs so congrats to you both!

Some are searchin for jobs in Production Houses n I wish them all the best.

Deeps is planning further studies -- MA in English and then she wants to do her Ph.D.

The last I heard from Komal was that she's gonna do an MBA.

Natty is planning further studies.

Rupz wants to get into the theatre biz, but that needs investment. So she's searchin for a job now...

Samachar samaapt.


During the IV, I thought a lot about my blog. I'll write this, I'll write that and I'll describe the entire trip and all.

But now that I have my lappie in my hand, I'm thinkin, who the hell will take that much trouble?

I'll mention only some stuff and that too in my usual random fashion.

The first thing I'd like to say was I got bored in Ahemdabad and that's because I don't plan to do an MBA or ever go to MICA. Both the libraries were great, campuses were excellent and both have awesome facilities. Yawn...who doesn't know that?

By the way, MICA belongs to Ambani (I forget which one) and he allows them to run it the way they want. I found that fact pretty cool.

The canteen at MICA is awesome. What food!!!

Whatever pics I have I'll be uploading soon, but can't praise these institutions anymore...

My friend Amey was green with envy when he heard I got to visit IIM, Ahemdabad. It's supposed to be the best one in India. And I was ready to trade places with him any day!

But I liked the campus a lot. That too coz of the trees and the prevailing peace.

I always wanted to go to a Boarding School like that...but my parents found me too precious to part with! And now they're regretting this decision :)

To make up for the lack of Malory Towers n St. Clares in my life, I decided to do my Ph.D in English from IIT, Mumabi. It has a beautiful campus and it's a place I spent most of my childhood in. I really miss that, and if I got an opportunity, I would just dash off to IIT.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

One minute I was studying…and 21 years later I’m a GRADUATE!!!

Hurray!!!! Yippee!!! I’m finally a graduate!!!

Ok, so what if I haven’t got my results? My Profs. say that it takes a lot of effort to fail this course (BMM)…and I’m too lazy and the word EFFORT doesn’t exists in my dictionary!

But this exam was different in every way for me. Usually I plan to study, make endless time-tables and promise myself that I’ll make my parents proud. But then, things fall apart.

I console myself thinking I’ll do well in the next exam. But this time was the last time. I had reached the final lap and I knew, I had to do well.

I ignored all health problems, stopped looking at the clock and just did it somehow. It felt great to study. I was happy and gave even the worst papers my best shot. Is this how geeks feel? Now I know it’s possible to love writing exams…wow, maybe I’ve finally grown-up. Or am I demented? Who cares…

Our exams got over on 12 April and I left for my Industrial Visit (popularly known as IV) on the 13th!!!

This time we visited IIM and MICA in Ahemdabad and then Mount Abu. We all had a great time. Totally “raapchik” trip, as my friend Kiran would say!

I’ll elaborate on that later. I got back from the trip on the 19th, rested and caught up with my family on the 20th and then began my interview sessions.

I learnt a lot through interviews and I’ll have a separate post for that.

Good News –

My best buddy Sudha got a job as a reporter in a BIG media house! Alas and alack! She will be going to Bangalore for the job! Anyways, I wish her all the luck in the world, and hope she doesn’t forget me! Will miss you, Haathi!

Preeti, Nikita and Vikas have also got jobs as reporters in the same organization.

Two of my Ad friends, Dish n Sweetu have got jobs in reputed Ad Agencies.

If anyone from our class has got a job, then do comment and let me know. At least I can be in touch that way.

I’ll be updating like crazy soon, so be prepared for that.

P.S – Those who haven’t got a job shouldn’t get worried. There are lots of openings and one just has to keep a look out for them. Good Luck to all!!!