Monday, March 03, 2008

Early morn Lectures - yawn...zzzzz.

Gosh just got the news...we're having early morning lecs.

Wed -- 8 AM to 11.30 AM.

Fri -- 7.30 AM to 10.30 AM.

Sat -- 8 AM to 11 AM.

Be on time, our coordinator is anyways pissed off with us. These lectures are very important coz internal assessment will be done during these lectures. Only 3 lecs for the entire subject.

Do you believe in Ghosts???

I believe in spirits. I think they're all around us. Sometimes, you can sense them, feel them and if you're luck (or unlucky) you can hear them.

You may think I'm weird, but when I was a kid I used to say goodnight to my Grandfather...who died long before I was born. I've never met him, but I feel very close to him. I feel he's with me, a good spirit, my guardian angel. In fact, I'm a lot like him...

A lot has been written about atmosphere. Like sometimes you get the feeling of evil in certain places...or feel afraid for no rhyme or reason.

Sometimes you're sitting all alone in the night and then you get the feeling that there is somebody else in the house besides you family members...someone who is watching your every move...I get that feeling a lot, but I don't mind coz I feel the spirits are benevolent.

Ciao for now my Earthlings!

Busy Days

Sunday was a really hectic day for me.

Our group had to shoot that debate on SEZ I've been talking about and we had the worst luck ever.

  • The camcorder got spoiled.
  • Our Anchor of the show Sheetu couldn't come because of urgent work.
  • Our cinematographer was free only for a few hours.
  • And the location was available on that particular day.
The only good thing was that I had prepared a detailed script...anyways, our substitute anchor Disha, did a great last minute job like the other actors Sudha, Rupz and Vikas.

Rupz was the star of the thing coz she memorized her dialogues on the spot and acted well.

Amey helped us a lot, so a big thanks to him.

Shit, I sound like I'm giving a speech at the Filmfare Awards or somethin!

Anyways, tomorrow I have to submit 2 projects (will start on them tmrw only!) and then we have to dub for the debate video.


Saturday, March 01, 2008

VJTI's Flower, Fruit and Plant Exhibition

My Mom attended this exhibition at the college VJTI and these are the two pics I liked. Her ex-student Sachin clicked these pics. Pretty, aren't they?
Wish they had some Poppies. I love Poppies.

Party for 2 at Timbuktu!

Ok, actually the party had about 20 people…but I liked the rhyme in the title! And I think they spell Timbuktu also differently…but I couldn’t help correcting it!

Anyways it was my friend Kalpi’s birthday (28th Feb) and we ganged up and had a boisterous party at this place.

It was great fun, great food, drinks and of course, the star attraction was the hookah.

Timbucktoo (hope this spelling was right) is a hookah joint in R-Mall Mulund. It’s on a terrace so the best time to visit would be late evening or night..

But I had a major issue with the seating. The seats had no back rest at all. We had to rest our backs against the hard walls and let me tell you…it hurts!

But it’s not easy to concentrate on this little discomfort once the fun and games start!

I got home pretty late that day…but it was worth it.

Actually I didn’t want to go…but then you know how persuasive friends can be, right?

Anyway, all in all I had an awesome evening!


I knew your curiosity would get the better of you!

Anyway, something really bad has happened…but I can’t write about it here. Nor can I tell anybody…sorry if I’ve piqued your curiosity. And if the person who wishes me any harm is reading this --- then my sincere advice to him/her is to go and boil your head and fry your face too.

P.S – Don’t come and ask me what happened coz I won’t answer! I’ve written this much about it coz writing stuff is supposed to make one feel good.