Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Why aren't men like dogs?

How I wish men could be like dogs, or the least they could do was learn from them. I don't mean men should start barking and whining, or treat their partners like a dog treats another female dog (I don't wanna use the "B" word). I'm talking about the qualities of a dog - they're your best friend, they love you, and above all, they're loyal. Yeah sure, dogs also piss you off by pooping on your new carpet or bark the place down when you have visitors; but they make up for it by offering a love so potent that it overwhelms and humbles you. Then you wonder, 'Why can't I love like that? or 'Why cannot I get love like that?'.

And if you think such love is impossible, then think again, and then again if you please, because I have seen such love. I actually know a man who loves like that and has those qualities. When you need him, he's there for you, when you fall, he catches you...basically, this guy fulfils all the criteria that have been mentioned in songs on love like When you say nothing at all or Will you be there (to which the answer is YES, by the way). He's almost the perfect guy. I use the word 'almost' not because he's not, but just because no girl, or anybody else in this world, is ever satisfied. So I guess that answers my question. We cannot have doggie qualities coz we're humans and always desire things we don't have. Wow, I got to the point pretty quickly, didn't I? :)

So, woof, woof for now, I have a marriage to attend! And no matter how many people tell me I'm looking nice today, the almost-invisible little black dot on my face is going to continue to bother me :D

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A diet full of food

I was very, very determined to wake up at 6 AM today, but being a Master Procrastinator, I managed to snuggle down for another 30 minutes more before my conscience began to prick me, and then abandoned my bed with alacrity when it bit me. The silver lining is that 6.40 AM is not bad at all compared to 9.30, which is like afternoon for me. I was supposed to do some stretches and all, but got late so couldn't do them. Anyway, there's always a tomorrow, begging the pardon of Mr. Keating for contradicting him.

I plan to keep myself fit 'n' fine by eating right and eating on time. 8 AM breakfast, 11 AM a fruit snack small one coz I don't really enjoy fruits), 1 PM lunch (the curd will keep acidity at bay), 4.30 PM snacks (I solemnly swear to lay off the fried chicken nuggets), 7.30 PM dinner. Today things have been delayed by half an hour, but that's ok, one has to make some exceptions. So, since today is an exceptional day, I think I might as well get started on the nuggets ;)

The plan is to keep fit, and NOT, as some may think a diet to slim down. But yeah, if I start snacking on fruits and boiled veggies (yuck!!!) and lose a little weight in the bargain, I'm not complaining! :D

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock and so on & so forth...

Traces of yesterday's headache still linger, but I'm sure I'll feel better after breakfast. Sausages and bread today...yummy! :)

I've got to convert my mobile's postpaid plan into prepaid, and if they refuse to do so, I'll simply get it cancelled. After that I'll be joining French classes! Finally found one that sounds good (according to a friend), so going over to check it out. If I join today, I'll be able to attend my first French class. Then maybe I'll be able to come up with something more than just Bonjour :)

My cousin Swati also wants to join the same class, so I hope they take in kids (she's just 13). What fun it'll be! She's really sweet and learning with her would be a new experience. Hope it works out...

I'll be going to her place after the class and have dinner with the family. I love going there, especially coz of the two labs they have - Cutie and Buddy. Both of them jump on me like mad things and nearly well scratch me to bits! Best love is a dog's love :)

I'm off to fry sausages and then follow my timetable like clockwork. Toodles!

Friday, January 15, 2010

I can't see my Followers!!! Help! :(

It's true! I just cannot see who's following me even when I sign into my account. And I can't even see the gadget on my blog or for that matter, anybody else's blog. It just shows a blank space with the title of Followers. HELP!!!

A delayed day

I woke up at 9.30 AM today with a severe headache. I think it was triggered off by acidity; last night I came home at 10.30 PM and had dinner. Anyway, I had decided to make corn upma for breakfast, which took a lot of time. Moreover, I misjudged the amount of corn I had and put in too many green chillies. My tummy immediately turned into an inferno. By the time I finished breakfast and cleaning the dishes, it was almost 12. I should have started cooking lunch then, but the hammer inside my head continued to strike so assiduously that I had to lie down. I began wondering what I would do for lunch, because my health does not permit me to eat from a hotel. Could things be any worse?

Yes, they could! Just then the electricity went phut! Now I had a headache, I was lying down and feeling unbearably hot. Around 2.30 PM, I began making onion parathas and fell prey to all seven of them! The upshot of it was that I fell into a deep, deep sleep and awoke to find the house in darkness. Mercifully, the fan was running, which meant the electricity was back. I don't have a headache now, but I don't feel like making anything for dinner. And after that enormous lunch of parathas dripping in ghee, I should just retire on fruits. I hope I sleep by at least 2 AM coz I have to go out tomorrow.  


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Broke the block!!!

I finally did it! I managed to break through my writer's block!!! Yippppppppppppppeeeeeeeeee! :D :D :D

Last night I went to bed at 11 PM, but couldn't sleep. I tossed and turned and turned and get the drift. Anyway, suddenly, this idea that I had long, long ago in my mind, sprouted. Excited, I sat up in bed, thinking hard. That was the moment of truth for me. It struck me with full force that if I would not write down this story, I never would. And if I wouldn't write it then, I could probably say goodbye to writing forever...

After a long day's work it's difficult to write anything. I mean, you're more dead than alive at midnight if you have been slaving in office from 9 AM to 10 PM in office; but this time circumstances were different. After a day that involved only eating, sleeping and blogging, I felt like I could write all night long if necessary!

And how I wrote! My nerves were tingling in anticipation and brain was rushing along at a pace my writing could barely cope with. Once started, I could not stop till the finish. In case I haven't mentioned this before, I love writing stories for children. This particular one is for kids aged between, say, 6-10 years. Now I just have to edit my first draft and then complete the series. I'm out of the pit!!!

Cheers to life!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Look!!!! My new look!!!!!

Gosh, I'm so excited about my new look! Not mine, I mean, my blog's new look. We bloggers get so carried away by our blogs that we forget it's not us we're talking about. I took the advice of Mr. Stupid - who's a Smart Guy in disguise although I'm not sure why :p - and have changed my blog. Isn't it better now???? Doooooooooo say yes, or my heart'll be broken into a million, no, make that a zillion, fragments that will be borne away by the wind :(

Give your comments please, and make sure they're nice ones ;)

I changed the header coz everytime I wrote a sad or irritated incident, people would say, cheer up, life is beautiful like your blog says. I got tired of getting caught in my own snare, and hence the change.

People have been asking me to change my template since ages, but I was too lazy to comply. Sankoobaba, I hope your happy now! :)

Now what are goggling at? I'm done posting. Go comment, comment, comment!!!

Power nap...a very long one :)

I found a good website that teaches French, but it seemed to be teaching sentences and phrases rather than grammar. So I let my sleep overtake me and was soon dead to the world :)

I'm feeling great now after that nap. After some coffee and chicken nuggets, I plan to make gajjar halwa. Don't get the idea that I like making all this. It's just that there's way too much milk and I don't want it to get spoilt. When I opened the fridge now, wondering what to do about it, I saw the carrots staring in my face. I've been trying to avoid them so far. It's all very well to buy healthy stuff like prunes and carrots and then avoid eating them. Anyway, when I saw them, I thought, what the hell; I don't want them to get spoilt either someday. But first things, and nuggets. Yum! :)


I said Good Morning not because I have just awoken from my deep nightly slumber, but because I don't know how to say Afternoon in French :P

Anyway, I've been having a nice time since yesterday. Cooked food, cleaned the house, slept, ate, drank coffee, read, ate, drank coffee, surfed the Net, ate, and then finally slept again. Gosh, how many things I do in a single day! :)

I've been wanting to learn French since a long time, and thought no time like the present to commence lessons. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a tutor as yet. So I shall commence by learning French online! Three cheers to the Internet!

I'm happy coz I've gotten several story ideas. After some more developments, I shall be ready to pen things down. I just hope I can write; I've become so used to the keyboard that my hands quiver like jelly when I even think of taking up a pen and notepad.

Au revoir for now, I shall begin my lessons. Shhhhhhhhhsh, do NOT disturb!

See you this evening!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Two-way traffic, but one at a signal

Its so irritating when people you have given the VIP tag don’t bother about you, and I seem to be meeting a lot of people like that. I really fail to understand them. They bloody say they care about you, love you and all that bally tosh, and where the hell are they when you need them? Poof! They vanish like a puff of smoke.

And these people don’t bother to call, SMS or return your calls. However, the minute I stop calling, hells foundations begin to quiver and I’m told I don’t call or that I only call when I have need something. Just now I was yelling at someone for not calling me since the past two days, and he dared to ask me why I didn’t call. What cheek! That too when I’ve been making incessant phone calls and flooding his inbox with several messages. Its so irritating when people are like that. One apology would have been enough, but I guess even that is hard to come by nowadays.

Its so easy if I like a person and that person doesn’t like me back. Then I can’t expect an SMS, let alone a phone call. But my life seems full of people who claim to love (a word I take very seriously) me and yet don’t give a damn when I have high fever or whatever. So, although the traffic is two-way, one seems have halted at a red signal. And one long wait it is. You’ll wonder now why I’m still in contact with them, why don’t I break off relations? Well, for the simple reason that I love them…

Saturday, January 09, 2010

A new lease of life

I want to write but I don’t know how…and I’m going mad now trying to. I don’t mean write as in plain writing; I know my ABCs just as well as any five-year-old. What I mean is, once upon a time….long, long ago in fact, I used to write. I used to write stories – some short, some long. But I used to write.

Now I’m like an empty shell – an eggshell to be precise. The poor egg (that’s me) is frizzling in the pan. But the egg’s finally jumped. NOT into the fire as you may think, like the famous one in the age-old adage did. I wonder how that saying came about actually. I must Google that. Anyway, like I was saying, I did not, I mean, the egg did not jump into the fire. The smart egg waited till it was in the plate and then leaped out to explore the wide-wide world. See what I mean? I just can’t write. Look what happens – I start writing and then go on prattling about some egg.

Anyway, like the header suggests, I’ve got a new lease of life. I’ve just quit my job to pursue further studies. Lately I’ve been brooding over the fact that I haven’t been reading or studying much literature and I need to begin. A sudden urge came over me and I couldn’t help myself.

And believe me, I’m not superstitious – a black cat is just a black cat to me, and I refuse to believe a crow crowing outside my window means I’m going to have guests. What on earth could a poor crow do but crow? I don’t think The Almighty (whom also I have grave doubts about) really gave him much option. I bet crows know about this silly superstition of ours and deliberately come and harass us. They must be getting a kick out of seeing people wonder – “Oh, will Mrs. Awful-But-Full-Of-Gossip turn up today? Or could Uncle Black Sheep suddenly soil our doorstep and tarnish our reputation in The Society? Whatever, I have no problem with crows crowing…let them crow to their heart’s desire I say, because what will be will be. If I am destined to face a visitor, then so be it.

I digress. I was saying that though I’m not superstitious there were a lot of signs around. I mean, I was meeting people whom I had though I would never, and all of them had one thing in common – they all spoke about further studies and my plan to pursue literature. My urge thrived on these signs and encouraged me to give up my steady job to study. Nonetheless, I dilly-dallied. Matters came to a head when I was talking to Amey about my writing problem and told him how I don’t have the time to write. He had a simple solution – do your MA and write. MA will give me enough time to write and plus doing the thing I really really want to, will inspire me. So now, here I am, trying to start writing again.
Just keep your fingers crossed – I’m not superstitious, but since so you may believe in it, might as well do it and wish me luck! :)