Friday, May 10, 2013

How to lose weight without a gym?

I hate gyms. The idea of exercising in a closed room using daunting (and not to mention heavy) equipment gives me the willies. So I researched all night and all day on weight loss without exercise, as if I was researching for an antidote to a slow poison that's killing me. Finally I came up with a plan that has served me well. I was 69 kgs earlier, and today I am 54. This happened over a period of a year. Instant weight loss is definitely not possible.

Here are some of my weight loss tricks:

  • Drink a glass of water (warm water with honey and lemon juice is the best) as soon as you wake up
  • Have a banana – it helps with digestion and what not. The idea is that the more goes out, the less stays on you :P
  •  Do some basic stretching exercises followed by push ups or surya namaskar (do this only if you know how to!)
  • Have breakfast by 8 AM, a juice or two digestive biscuits by 10.30 AM, lunch by 12.30 PM, a healthy snack and a juice at 4.30 PM, dinner by 7.30 PM.
  • Eat small meals. No fried food and sweets please. You can treat yourself to one fried item/1 sweet per week if you're that desperate.
  • Most complain they don't have time. Well, at least you can walk 20 minutes a day, right? Just make sure the first 5 minutes you walk at normal speed and then gradually increase the pace till you're walking briskly. You can take Sundays off :)
Follow my healthy weight loss plan and you can see the difference for yourself. I'll write some more on this topic soon. Toodles till then!