Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Indelible Fiction – My Not-So-Secret Retreat

Ever since I remember remembering things and filing them away in my mind for future use – which is nothing short of a miracle considering my poor memory – I have always loved retreating deep into my mind. Reality has never interested me. I always had my nose buried in a book, and when I wasn’t reading, I was dreaming. My dreams would vary depending on my mood and the book I’d be reading at that time.

 At times I would be intrigued by life’s little mysteries like where do the birds go to die, while at other times I would pretend to be an elf – lithe, swift, and nimble. And elves are magical creatures. So I would weave story after story and fight great battles in my head. I was full of wars, sorrow, tragedy, happiness, bloodshed, and my books alone know what else.

The life I lived outside my mind was worth nothing compared to goings-on within my mind. So you cannot really blame me if the thoughts and ideas from my books have addled my brain a bit. Now I find that I cannot control myself anymore. They all MUST come out in some form or the other. That’s when I started this other blog called Indelible Fiction.

Through this blog I plan to express all my dreams. The blog will be as random as our minds are. The first post was posted a year ago and now I’m in the process of writing the second one. The second one is going to be a little story…the protagonist may be the girl from my first post. I don’t know…yet. Like I said, I always promise randomness :)

So check out this blog and feel free to comment.

May both my blogs rain posts enough to sate thirsting bloggers. Amen.


Sanket Kambli said...

best wishes for more awesome writing

Tasha said...

Thanks so much, Sanky! You've always encouraged me :)

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