Sunday, October 21, 2012

Just my luck :)

I’m not sure I believe in luck, you know. As soon as I say something like “Hey, I’m so lucky to blah blah blah”, a damn pigeon craps on me. See what I mean? Not even a crow! Coz apparently, it’s lucky if a crow poops on you :|

And just when some well-meaning friend tells me that the wrong planet is now doing the rounds in the wrong house, something really good happens. So rather than remaining in this state of perpetual wonderment, I choose not to believe or disbelieve. So I royally ignore the concept of luck.

But what I do believe in is the power of the mind. It’s just amazing how controlling your thoughts can change your life. Now I don’t claim to be some kinda guru or anything. I don’t like preaching to anyone because you gotta live life the way you want and pave your own path.

I’ve always thought it’s wrong to say that the road less traveled is the better one…just go wherever you want to…You don’t have to have a dream or do something great (or what’s deemed great in the eyes of the world), as long as you’re doing what you want to.

To ensure I do the things most important to me every day, I’ve penned them down on my phone and saved the note as my lockscreen paper. I’ll share the less personal ones here:

                        Did you do this today? 
 Breathe deeply?
Drink water?
Take a walk?
Cannot reveal.
Cannot reveal.

If I can answer yes to the above list, then I’ve had a highly productive day. This way I can make every single day - the awesome and the unawesome ones - count.

By the way, the number of “things to do” total 7…the supposedly “magical number”. Lucky, eh? ;)


Sanket Kambli said...

what a varied post but skilfully written to begin with luck and end with luck..good one.. best of luck...oh wait.. "all the best" is better..

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